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Scope of Service

We provide advice on general insurance products.  These help protect your assets and liabilities and minimise the financial impact when things go wrong.

Recommendations based on your circumstances and needs

Our overall aim at Insurance Partners is to deliver the best customer focused insurance partnership you will experience.  We aim to do this by focusing on 4 key areas:

Personal Service

Contacting you annually(preferably face to face) and as needs demand, to first get to know you as a person and then to provide assistance and advice on any insurance related matter.  We will also handle each and every enquiry from our local Tauranga office.


Taking our time to understand your individual circumstance and the "insurance risks" that you face with a full needs analysis.  Then educating you on the insurance policies we recommend so you can make informed decisions around the structure of your program.

Claims Advocacy

Claims are the most important part of our job and the only reason you purchase insurance in the first place.  We know and understand this so when a claim is lodged we do everything we can to ensure it is progressed in a timely manner and is settled to what you are entitled to under the policy.

Annual Review

Every year we review, change and update your insurances as your personal situation changes.  

Insurance Products and Providers

We can provide advice & insurance options on the following commercial insurance products:

- Material Damage- Mobile Plant
- Motor Vehicle- Professional Indemnity
- Business Interruption- Contractors All Risks
- Liability- House & Contents
- Management Liability- Marine & Transit
- Cyber & Privacy

The Insurers & underwriting agents we use include but are not limited to:

- Vero                                - AIG
- Vero Liability- Berkshire Hathaway
- Ando- NZI & Lumley
- QBE- Dual New Zealand
- Chubb- Delta Insurance
- Rosser Underwriting- Other Specialty Providers

To see view the insurers financial strength rating please click here

What we don't advise on

We are a Financial Advice Provider authorised to provide financial advice on General Insurance products. We do not provide advice on medical or life insurance, or any other Financial Advice products.

Limitations and risks

Insurance cover recommendations will be based on the information you provide and there will be a risk of reduced or no cover should the information you provide not be accurate.

While our recommendations will be made for your requirements, insurance products can have a number of exclusions that you should be aware of and you must read the policies carefully.

The advantages of having a full Needs Analysis

- Gives us a full understanding of your business, including your expected outcomes and risk  tolerance, which will allow us to make appropriate recommendations;
- Provides you with an analysis of your current and future circumstances;
- Determines which financial products may be suitable for your current and future needs;
- Advise you of any gaps in your risk profile.

The disadvantages of not having a full Needs Analysis

- Any advice we give you will only be based on the information you have provided;
- Financial products that we recommend may be unsuitable for your circumstances both now and in the future;
- You may commit to products which will not stand up at claim time;
- Possible gaps in your risk profile may not be covered.

Your duty of disclosure

When you apply for insurance you have a legal duty of disclosure to the insurer to truthfully disclose all information that is relevant and/or material to the insurer so as to enable it to decide whether to provide this insurance and if so on what terms.

You have this duty every time your policy renews and whenever you make changes to your policy. If you breach this duty, the insurer may elect to avoid your policy from inception or last renewal date.

This means that your policy will be treated as if it never existed. The duty to disclose relevant or material information is not limited to the questions listed in the proposal if a proposal form is completed.

Please ask us if you are not sure whether you need to disclose information.

Change of circumstances

As your circumstances change (e.g. as you acquire new assets) it is important that you notify us to ensure the cover still meets your needs.