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Landlords Insurance

Our Rental Home Insurance is designed to protect whats important - Your investment and your income.  When you partner with IPG, you can rest easy knowing that your rental property is fully insured for the key risks you face.

Key benefits
Loss of rent from property damage                    - $50,000
Drug Contamination                                             - $50,000
Malicious/Intentional Damage                             - $20,000
Landlords Contents(including theft by Tenant)  - $20,000

Loss of rent due to Non payment                        - 8 Weeks
(Tenant vacating without giving required notice)

Eviction of Tenants                                               - 16 Weeks
(Eviction of tenant due to non-payment of rent)

Our Process
Fill in your contact details below and one of our local brokers will be in touch to discuss your insurance needs

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